Hurenkarussell - a social awareness film

Hurenkarussell - a social awareness film
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Year: 2008
Actor(s): Elke Pusl (Dora, Hure) , Hannes Liebmann (Fahrgast) , Georg Bonn (erster Freier) , Christine Renhardt (Kitty, Prostituierte) , Walter Ludwig (Graf Albin) , Magdalena Kaim (Marie, Prostituierte) , Heike Kotsios (Anna, seine Tochter) , Maja Makowski (schwangere Hure) , Günther Lieder (Freier mit Kuchen)
Genre(s): Kostümfilm, Drama, Kindesmissbrauch, Prostitution
Studio(s): GRUPPE:filmkunst - Produktion: Bettina Hutterer
Director(s): Cajetan Jacob
Run Time: 84 minutes
Size: 939.6 MB

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1905: Marie, a young prostitute dwells together with Grete, her pregnant colleague, and some other whores at the brothel on the outskirts of town. Marie's encounters with johns have many faces; notorious bon vivants, an old man who brings cake from his wife, and Count Albin, a lofty gentleman whose behavior is very strange. Before Marie sleeps with him, she must tie a blue band with white dots around her thigh. The next day she encounters the Count shopping with his twelve year old daughter, Anna. It's apparent that Anna who wears a blue band with white dots in her hair is afraid of her father. Marie is deeply touched by Anna's emotional state which provokes her curiosity about the child...

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