The False Heart - a lesbian drama

The False Heart - a lesbian drama
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Year: 2012
Actor(s): Eva Allenbach (Therese Sickinger) , Julia Lena Lippoldt (Gräfin Meta) , Elke Pusl (Magdalena Sickinger) , Hannes Liebmann (Thomas Pöschl) , Beate Korntner (Marta) , Georg Bonn (Forstverwalter) , Christine Renhardt (Katharina Sickinger) , Walter Ludwig (Pfarrer Götz) , Luc Müller (Sebastian von W.) , Angelika Nieder (Dienstmagd Anni)
Genre(s): Kostümfilm , Drama , Lesbische Liebe
Studio(s): GRUPPE:filmkunst
Director(s): Cajetan Jacob
Run Time: 107 minutes
Size: 1.3 GB

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Therese moves between two worlds. A maid in the household of the Countess Meta von W., she is in love with her sophisticated mistress. As a woman of humble origins, she must look on as her sister Magdalena is dragged towards the abyss by a diabolical sect leader. Together with the notorious priest Thomas Pöschl, she casts out demons from people in the village. Children are made to renounce the devil, a young woman undergoes a brutal exorcism and is later proclaimed a saint by Pöschl.

The False Heart is loosely based on historical facts as recorded in source documents. The film reveals not only the rituals, rites and human sacrifices carried out by the Pöschlians, but also the sect’s fanatical mindset. Cajetan Jacob spent three years working on the screenplay, weaving the historical facts into a fictional story of lesbian love. The result is an appeal for tolerance that is as profound as it is spectacular.

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